See the model agreement for an insured short-term rental with the accompanying instructions (external link). If there is a court order against you, we may not be able to change the name of your rental. Note: If you have a license and no rentals, you may not have all of these rights. Get advice if you`re not sure if you`re a tenant or a licensee. It`s hard to say how long you may have to wait. The demand for community properties is very high and depends on the priority you have been given, the type and size of property you need and the areas you want to move to. To change your tenancy for any of the following reasons, you must: If someone is “unable to sign a lease”, you must go to the Protection Court. They make financial or wellness decisions for people who don`t have the mental capacity to do it themselves. If necessary, the Council may refer the matter to the Court of Protection on your behalf. If you are a tenant, you or your landlord may have certain responsibilities that vary depending on the type of tenancy you have. However, the basic rules are always the same. A tenancy is a written agreement between you and your landlord that sets out your rights and obligations and may include: We are not responsible for providing back fences to tenants unless their boundary extends to open ground, garage or public walkway.

You`ll need to fund your own fence, although you may want to consider talking to your neighbor about sharing the cost of the work. If your neighbor is not a tenant of the community, he is responsible for the boundary between the two properties. You will need to ask permission to erect a fence before doing this work. To apply, contact Care and Maintenance to request it. You must give a written rental agreement to the tenant. Insured short-term rentals (ASTs) are the most common type and are available online or from most stationery suppliers. If your neighbor is a tenant in the community, contact site care and maintenance, and we can make arrangements to inspect the tree. If your neighbor is not a tenant in the community, we recommend that you first contact your neighbor to make them aware of the issues you are facing. If they refuse to cut down the tree, you have the legal right to prune it yourself, but you can only prune it to your limit. However, before you finish any work, you should check that the tree is not protected by a tree protection order.

To learn more, visit our Trees, Forests and Hedges page. Deposits for an insured short-term rental (AST) must be protected in a state-approved rent deposit system (external link). This ensures that the process of refunding a deposit and any dispute that arises is fair. The plans include: If you want to pass on your tenancy to another person, this is called an assignment. You have the right to assign your tenancy if you are a safe or introductory tenant, although you are generally not allowed to do so if you intend to stay in the property. You must follow the rules for rent increases (external link), which vary depending on the type of rental. Most private tenants have a secure short-term rental (AST). If you get married, divorced, or decide to change your name through a deed survey, you can decide to change the name of your tenancy. We can provide support services to tenants who need help setting up or managing their tenancy. You can help manage accommodations, set up utilities, fill out forms, deal with money issues, set debts and set a budget. The team can also refer tenants to other services for support with addictions, mental health, access to education, training and employment.

You can choose to become a roommate when two or more adults sign the lease and are collectively and individually responsible for the tenancy, including paying the rent. This means that if one of you stops paying the rent, the other person may be asked to pay everything, so there must be trust and cooperation between the tenants. If your property is pledged, you will need to get your lender`s consent to rent it out. Without consent, you may be violating your mortgage agreement. If a tenant in the community dies, it may be possible for a husband/wife/life partner or other family member to take over the tenancy. This is called succession. The law requires you to ensure that your property is suitable for human habitation at the beginning of a rental and throughout the rental. Online training on tax matters is available from HMRC.

The e-learning course will make it easier for you to understand when and how to pay taxes on the properties you rent, which will help you get your tax right from the start. See Landlord Obligations and Support for a landlord`s most important responsibilities. You`ll also need special homeowner insurance, as regular home insurance doesn`t offer the same protection. As an agent, you will be authorized by the Court of Protection to make decisions on their behalf in order to avoid delays and debts in managing their finances and paying their bills. However, the MP must ensure that the person`s money is completely separated from his or her own finances. .