What is Student Alpha?

Student Alpha exists of 10 sessions and a weekend. The most important topics of life and the christian faith will pass by.

The course is accessible, cozy and fun, and is given and supported by all christian churches. Below you will see which topics will be covered per session. The program of the evenings looks as following:

18.30h – Diner
We have diner together at the start of each session, which gives the opportunity to get to know each other better.
19.30h – Introduction topic
The introduction is held by a speaker or through an episode of the DVD belonging to the course.
20.00h – Small group
After introduction of the topic we split up in fixed groups to further talk about the topic, discuss and ask questions. Here you can ask any question you may have. No question is too simple or too threatening!
22.00h – Drink
It is possible to end the evening in the society and talk further while enjoying a drink.

Something for me?

Everybody is invited and more than welcome! People come for different reasons to Student Alpha. Some are curious if there is more to life, others have just become Christian. Others students want to learn about the Christian faith or the Bible, or some are wondering if a God exists and are willing to find out. Whatever makes you interested, be welcome to join us!

Whatever question you have, Student Alpha is a place where no question is regarded too simple or too threatening. All opinions are respected.

Whatever difficulty you are dealing with, uncertainties in your work or studies, complexities in your relations and friendships, illness and discomfort, and so on. Any trouble you are facing, Student Alpha is a place where you can ask questions with the freedom to share or to listen.
Are you looking for deeper friendships… A couple of the closest and most long-term friendships were formed during Student Alpha. These friendships go beyond standard questions like ‘What’s your name?’ and ‘What do you do?’. You can form personal contacts and talk about things you are experiencing.

When is it?

  • Thursday 8 October ’20 – | #01 | Is the christian faith boring, untrue and outdated?
  • Thursday 15 October ’20 – | #01 | Is the christian faith boring, untrue and outdated? (You can attend either the 8th or the 15th of
  • Thursday 22 October ’20 – | #02 | Who is Jesus?
  • Thursday 29 October ’20 – | #03 | Why did Jesus die on the cross?
  • Thursday 5 November ’20 – | #04 | How can I believe?
  • Thursday 12 November ’20 – | #05 | Praying and reading the bible, how and why?
  • Friday 20 – Sunday 22 November ’20 – | Weekend | Holy Spirit?!
  • Thursday 26 November ’20 – | #06 | How does God lead us?
  • Thursday 3 December ’20 – | #07 | How can I resist evil?
  • Thursday 10 December ’20 – | #08 | Does God still heal nowadys?
  • Thursday 17 December ’20 – Alpha dinner

Is it impossible for you to join the sessions on Thursday, but do you still really want to follow the Alpha Course? That’s possible! Send an email to: 

What does it cost?

Student Alpha is (almost) free. We only ask for your contribution for the meals (€ 3,00) and for the weekend.

Where is it?

The sessions take place at student society ‘Alveus Dei’, where Navigators Students Rotterdam (NSR) is situated. The address is: Eendrachtsplein 10, Rotterdam.